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Upcoming Exhibition: Horeca 2013, Apr 9-12, Beirut

HORECA is the annual business-meeting place featuring the largest exhibition for the hospitality & food industries in Lebanon and the Middle East.

The 2013 edition is scheduled from Tuesday April 9th to Friday 12th, between 16:00 and 21:00 at BIEL, the Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center, Lebanon.

Zakka Group will participate as follows:

1 Zakka Multitec (stand # D13-E10) The series of technologically-advanced machines keeps on enlarging over time. Few of our exhibited products include:

Automatic 90˚ sorting and shrink-wrapping machine with double-tunnel, Horizontal flow wrapping machine, Vertical form/fill/seal packaging machine, Self-adhesive labeling machines, vacuum packing machines, Lasers, inkjet printers and many others.

Further, you will get a chance to meet and exchange ideas with 3 experts from:

AVE Technologies Italy (Filling lines)

ALtech - Italy (Labeling machines)

Pentavac Italy (Vertical packaging machines)

2 Jean Zakka Fils (stand # D15)

The well-known range of superior-quality flavors & fragrances, closures & corks and oenological products. Further, our remarkable glass bottles for Wine and Olive Oil will also be on display. Grab the opportunity to chat with Amorim Portugal (Natural Corks).

Find out more on www.horecashow.com

Email us for your free invitations to marketing@zakkamultitec.com