6, September 2017
 10, May 2017
14, July 2009
Launch of our new website Robatech.ME

After having partnered exclusively with the Swiss Robatech AG for more than a decade on the Middle East market, we are pleased to launch our new website www.robatech.me

The wide range of sophisticated Robatech equipment for hotmelt and cold glue applications can now easily be accessed online. The Industries section highlights the specific solutions that Robatech can provide for your own industry. Additionally, the Products section displays the full line of gluing equipment and accessories, allowing you to have an idea of the complete product range.

Certainly, the website is filled with detailed information and description of the equipment, in addition to clear pictures and drawings. You also have the possibility to download the leaflets in PDF format onto your own PCs, allowing you to deeply scrutinize the specific products in which you are mostly concerned.

Further, you can find some information about the Robatech Group and also about Robatech M.E. and how to contact and reach us.

Last but not least, the News section allows you to stay updated about Robatechs new products, tradeshows, achievements and many other topics.

Please visit us at www.robatech.me