6, September 2017
 10, May 2017
About us
"It has been more than seventy years now since our founder started our activity in the Lebanese food and beverage industry for the purpose of expanding in Lebanon and the neighboring Arab countries. Born in 1942, thanks to Jean Zakka's intuition and tenacity, the company became synonym of tradition and originality. Since then, our close relation with our customers and the trust on which it has always been based, have led us to great success.

Thirty years ago, I decided, as the second-generation owner, to diversify the activity by going into the supply and provision of Bottling and Packaging Machinery, thereby contributing in the development of the industry throughout the region, which was bound to expand due the growing consumer demand. This achievement yielded successfully thanks to our loyal customers, our honest business, and the outstanding quality of the equipment supplied by our long-term Partners & Suppliers.

Today at the turn of the century, with our third generation managers joining forces and implementing updated management systems and ISO 9001 homologation in our companies in the aim of better performance, I am looking forward to a brighter future and will keep up the quest for driving our business to higher ends. Our mission will always remain "To Better Serve our Customers", whom I would like to thank for their support and loyalty. Special thanks also to all our colleagues and partners for their continuous efforts in making our motto a reality".

Said Jean Zakka